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What are akashic records and what do they have to do with health?

What have akashic records go to do with health and what are they anyway?

Is a question asked by someone who was looking for some health advice for his wife's symptoms.

He said he had looked at my site and was confused, one minute I was talking health the next spiritual mumbo!

All feedback is fantastic and critics are brilliant forms of feedback. Thank you, I love you!

It gives me opportunity to talk about this subject and why it is important as a layer of our well being and an aid to help understand the origins of our symptoms. Once the reason comes into the consciousness the symptoms tend to fade away as they no longer need to message unto change our thinking. Thought always pre exists matter!

I started out on my own wellbeing journey healing Lyme disease by concentrating only upon the physical symptoms. I had about 20% symptoms lingering despite everything I did. I had a Rayonex polar 1000 bioresonance machine and I could clear my body from pathogens and toxins like a new born baby. But yet symptoms still returned. why? I noticed my clients were the same I would clear pathogens from symptomatic region then a month or two later it all returned.

Why? I love the why?

I then noticed a pattern in my clients.When speaking about their lives and beliefs I noticed certain conditions had certain beliefs.

For example frozen shoulder - I must take on others burdens or I fear not being loved.

Knees - Thinking more about the we than the me. in essence putting others needs above our own. So the the belief is everyone else who I take care of {work colleagues, family, army) is worth more than me and deserve more love than me. I don't deserve love or wellbeing. Interestingly comes up a lot in men with military history. They put it down to years of marching if that was the case every soldier would suffer bad knees but some don't.

So the belief I am not worthy of love goes hand in hand I don't deserve 100% health.

This then made me think where do these beliefs come from?

So I ask the body using kinesiology my way!

I ask origins of belief do they come from parents, society, education, ancestors or past life Kama lessons?

At what age did this person first experience this belief or emotion?

In which life time did this person experience this belief emotion?

Well the answers have been fascinating in this learning journey. It is amazing how our external experiences have shaped our beliefs about ourselves to not deserve love, great health, great lives, great purpose.

So your Akashic library is a phenomenal place to start. To really get to know you, your journey, your limiting beliefs, in conjunction with ailment but also quintessentially to know how amazing you are. You in human form are a walking miracle.

Mind Body Sprit - The trilogy - Everything is connected. There is no separation. So treating one without the other is disconnected.

If you have symptoms, just feeling not quite yourself or just fascinated o know more about you.

Book a session now.x

Gentle warning you may be given a self love plan to follow daily with choice to guide you to a new way of being you.x

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