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Breath of Fire

I recently learned Fire breath or also known as skull shining breath. It's part of ancient kundalini yoga.


Repairs balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Benefits any conditions concerning head, hormones, and nervous system. Strengthens the naval and crown chakra. Increases physical endurance and prepares you to act effectively. Adjusts the subtle psycho electromagnetic field of aura so that the blood becomes energised. Improves respiratory function too.


so wether you want to use it for athletic ability, clarity of mind or just to have energy to look after the kids and walk the dog. this could be for you.

Personally I use it before meditation for a deeper connection or if you just want an increase in energy or self empowerment.

I found it helped me with sleep and I noticed an increase in confidence, concentration and an increase in energy. I just felt sharper.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression or any auto immune disease or just low energy. This practice could be a good tool to have. If you experience anxiety or depression just to get out of the mind and in the body can help those negative thoughts not take hold and leave you not wanting to leave the sofa.

Anything that gives a boost to the immune system is great these days and its free. You can take it with you anywhere. Give it ago and see what changes it can make in your own life.


If you are pregnant, have a heart, spinal or respiratory condition. seek further information.

Here is a link so you can take a look for yourself. Keep learning! Enjoy!

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